Friday, 4 April 2014


#Fitspo Help or Hinderance?

I've been reading a few articles about whether the Fitspo Hash tag is causing a problem and adding fuel to the pro eating disorder fire.....So I thought I would weigh in (no pun intended)

Essentially #Fitspo is a whole bunch of images and "inspirational" quotes that can be found on Instagram and Pinterest amongst other things. It purports to inspire mainly women - although there are a few posts aimed at men, to achieve a certain body image inspired by a healthy active lifestyle.
People argue that #Fitspo is like #Thinspo and promotes an unhealthy body image and eating disorders.

Personally.......I'm not so sure......Like everything there are good an bad #Fitspo images and if you manage to ignore the bad ones - which admittedly can be difficult, the hash tag can be very inspiring!
I regularly look at #Fitspo images on Instagram. Usually when I've finished at the gym. Yes i compare my arms, abs, back, bum, everything to the images but for me they make me realise just how much work those girls put in. I admire their dedication and in an ideal world I'd love to have the time to work on my body to that extent. Not because I particularly want to look like them, but mainly because I love the way that weight training and cardio makes me feel. However, i have a job, family, and life and realistically I know it's not going to happen......and that's fine! 

I do believe that certain #Fitspo quotes and images can motivate and inspire - I'm not a fan of the over sexualised images but as i said before i ignore those.

I truly believe that eating disorders are more deep rooted admittedly I have 0 experience with eating disorders (again this depends on whether you believe that being overweight is an eating disorder - I happen to believe this but that's another post)
If looking at good respectful inspirational, motivational photos and quotes helps to motivate you then surely that is a good thing?

Some of the GOOD inspirational Fitness blogs i read can be found at POPSUGAR

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