Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Race for Life 2014

A few months ago I decided I needed some extra motivation and another goal to work towards. To be honest whilst I really want to lose this weight, just having that to work towards is becoming quite difficult. I love being in the gym and I love getting fitter but the amount of weight I want to lose seems too unachievable. Obviously I know it's not, so I figured if I set myself another non weight related goal, I could still train as hard as I am doing but with another focus in mind. I'm then hoping that the weight will come off without me realising I'm trying! 

So, I signed up for the Cancer Research Race for Life. Three of my grandparents have died from Cancer and countless other people I know are being affected by it, so I thought this was a bloody good charity to raise money for!

I haven't run any sort of distance since I left school 14 years this I'm actually finding this quite hard. Running long distance is not my strong point, so I'm planning a combination of sprinting, running and walking to hopefully get me round the 5k in under 1 hour.

So far my training hasn't been that great. I've managed at least 1 day per week but I'm starting to think that maybe that isn't enough. I've also fallen in love with running outdoors so plan on increasing my training within the next week after all June 8th isn't that far away (bring on the summer)!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking for sponsorship so if you could spare a £1 or so I'd very much appreciate it...........You can donate on the Just Giving website

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