Thursday, 3 April 2014


Starting the 30 Day Shred

In keeping with ramping things up for April, I've decided to also do the 30 day shred.....I've never done this before but have see some amazing results from it.
I'm planning on doing this in conjunction with my current personal training plan, classes and running training! Surely one of those will work?

Anyway.....I PROMISE I will take some before photos although I think I might post them at the end of the shred.....Yes I know I'm rubbish but think before photos are turning into quite a big thing for me!

This week so far has not really started. I've been avoiding weight training due to hurting my knee last week, but decided last night to go for a 2K run with the boy. It wasn't a fast run and I was being seriously careful due to my knee, but it turned out to be OK and the boy is a fairly good trainer....he's only ten but I think I've found his future career!

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