Monday, 31 March 2014

Over The Weekend!

Weekend Round Up

Wow that weekend sure went fast! It might have something to do with losing an hours sleep.....I'm still catching up on that hour!

So what did i get up to this weekend.....well it was a bit of an unsuccessful one. 
Saturday - I woke up and headed to my double spin class...this was fab. I gave it everything - actually too much and ended up injuring the back of my knee. I'm fairly sure this was due to having the seat in the wrong position.  
The rest of the day was a total flop.....My knee was sore and I ended up spending the day eating crap which resulted in me feeling like crap! Just great.
I also decided to have a glass of wine! Now before I embarked on this lifestyle i used to be able to drink most weekends......seemingly not any more. I could barely finish the glass and it tasted revolting! It really wasn't worth the calories!

Sunday - Sunday was mothers day and i spent the day at the park with my two little darlings. To be fair this wasn't a complete disaster, i found that i can now fit on the swings again - much to the embarrassment of my 10 year old son, I decided this was a small non scale victory so it cheered me up a bit!

All in all not the best weekend, although certainly not the worst....kind of a non event really. Either way this past weekend seems to have renewed my commitment to clean eating, I made up my mind to hit the supermarket early Monday morning and embark on some meal prep! I'm planning on April being a 100% clean month......Wish me luck!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

I Love To Cheat......

Why a cheat meal is always good

So yesterday I had my personal training session! It was really good and Sarah worked me hard! I even managed to increase the speed of my sprint in my treadmill HIIT say I was over the moon is a slight understatement! I can't believe how much stronger and faster i'm getting, a few months ago i was shattered just walking on the treadmill and now i'm making some serious improvements!

So to reward myself i thought i would make today my "Cheat Meal". Im really trying to get out of the habit of rewarding myself with food (i am not a dog.......or something like that). Either way.......

So i had Fish and Chips from the chip shop and half a glass of wine! Both of these were a really big mistake and I wont be having either of them again in a hurry! To say i almost virtually lived on fried greasy food, my stomach can no longer handle it and i spent the entire evening with a stomach ache feeling fat and bloated! So not worth it!
As for the wine.....Pre becoming exercise obsessed i could easily polish off a couple of glasses of wine on a Friday night! Seemingly not anymore, i struggled to drink that one glass and then woke up this morning with the worlds worst headache! Looks like i'm becoming quitting alcohol properly too.........Good job I really really love the turn my life has taken!

As for future "cheat meals" I need to remember these golden rules and maybe chose something non greasy and fried......

Friday, 28 March 2014

Results, Results, Results

weightloss motivation quote

Today i've got my 8th Personal Training session - honestly i can't wait.....i really do love it especially my new found love for lifting weights.......i mean that s*** really does work!

Anways, i thought i would share with you my results from the start of my personal training sessions to might also keep me on the straight and narrow. 

Starting Weight (at the start of PT - Beginning of February) 103.7kg
Weight Now (after 7 PT sessions) March 21st) 99kg
4kg LOST - YEY!!!!!!

Waist - Beginning of Feb - 102cm
            March 21st - 95cm
7cm LOST

Hips - Beginning of Feb - 130.5cm
          March 21st - 124cm
6.5cm LOST

Chest - Beginning of Feb - 111cm
            March 21st - 104.5cm
6.5cm LOST - Not entirely sure i'm happy about this!

Legs - Beginning of Feb - Forgot to take this Measurement
          March 21st - 59cm

Arm - Beginning of Feb - 37cm
          March 21st - 33cm
4cm LOST

Anyway so there we have it! I promise not all my posts will be this boring but i needed to get it written down and then i can really see just how far i've come..........I've still got a long, long way to go but i'm actually pretty proud!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

One Proud Mumma.........

It has really been one of those days, everything that could go wrong did go wrong until this evening! 

Now I'm not planning on making a habit of posting about my kids but this one is fitness related.......For the past 5 weeks my son has been representing his school in the cross country series. For me this has meant standing in the cold, wet mud cheering him on. For him it's meant having the time of his life and running his little socks off! Over the past few weeks he's placed 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 3rd......until tonight when in the pouring rain he WON! He beat a field of over 100 boys in a 2k race - also coming 3rd overall in the series! Now like i said i'm not planning on posting lots about the kids......its nice to have a break but after all the training he's put in....often running 3k (12mins) I thought it was worth a post!

Spinning, Pumping, Personal Training!

Watch from ASOS

Wow i can't believe how long its been since i posted!

Truth be told I'd decided not to bother with this blog but recently I've been spending a lot of time on instagram and reading other peoples fitness blog and found them truly inspiring. Which made me think, while i may not think what i have to say is particularly important someone might, and just might be inspired by my story to give themselves a totally new lifestyle!

So whats been going on since i last posted.........well I've dropped a s*** tonne of weight.......I now weigh 216 which is considerably less than my starting weight!
Over the Christmas period something changed in my brain and i really decided i want this, so since then I've totally overhauled my diet, added in some weight training (weight machines and body pump class) and taken on a personal trainer!

I've also entered myself into my first 5k race - well its more of a fun run but hey ho!

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be posting about my daily gym, fitness and general day to day activities. My new clean eating lifestyle (i hate the word immediately makes me hungry), possibly some recipes. I also plan on sharing other fitness blogs that i love reading!

So for now take care xx