Friday, 28 March 2014

Results, Results, Results

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Today i've got my 8th Personal Training session - honestly i can't wait.....i really do love it especially my new found love for lifting weights.......i mean that s*** really does work!

Anways, i thought i would share with you my results from the start of my personal training sessions to might also keep me on the straight and narrow. 

Starting Weight (at the start of PT - Beginning of February) 103.7kg
Weight Now (after 7 PT sessions) March 21st) 99kg
4kg LOST - YEY!!!!!!

Waist - Beginning of Feb - 102cm
            March 21st - 95cm
7cm LOST

Hips - Beginning of Feb - 130.5cm
          March 21st - 124cm
6.5cm LOST

Chest - Beginning of Feb - 111cm
            March 21st - 104.5cm
6.5cm LOST - Not entirely sure i'm happy about this!

Legs - Beginning of Feb - Forgot to take this Measurement
          March 21st - 59cm

Arm - Beginning of Feb - 37cm
          March 21st - 33cm
4cm LOST

Anyway so there we have it! I promise not all my posts will be this boring but i needed to get it written down and then i can really see just how far i've come..........I've still got a long, long way to go but i'm actually pretty proud!

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