Monday, 31 March 2014

Over The Weekend!

Weekend Round Up

Wow that weekend sure went fast! It might have something to do with losing an hours sleep.....I'm still catching up on that hour!

So what did i get up to this weekend.....well it was a bit of an unsuccessful one. 
Saturday - I woke up and headed to my double spin class...this was fab. I gave it everything - actually too much and ended up injuring the back of my knee. I'm fairly sure this was due to having the seat in the wrong position.  
The rest of the day was a total flop.....My knee was sore and I ended up spending the day eating crap which resulted in me feeling like crap! Just great.
I also decided to have a glass of wine! Now before I embarked on this lifestyle i used to be able to drink most weekends......seemingly not any more. I could barely finish the glass and it tasted revolting! It really wasn't worth the calories!

Sunday - Sunday was mothers day and i spent the day at the park with my two little darlings. To be fair this wasn't a complete disaster, i found that i can now fit on the swings again - much to the embarrassment of my 10 year old son, I decided this was a small non scale victory so it cheered me up a bit!

All in all not the best weekend, although certainly not the worst....kind of a non event really. Either way this past weekend seems to have renewed my commitment to clean eating, I made up my mind to hit the supermarket early Monday morning and embark on some meal prep! I'm planning on April being a 100% clean month......Wish me luck!

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