Thursday, 27 March 2014

Spinning, Pumping, Personal Training!

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Wow i can't believe how long its been since i posted!

Truth be told I'd decided not to bother with this blog but recently I've been spending a lot of time on instagram and reading other peoples fitness blog and found them truly inspiring. Which made me think, while i may not think what i have to say is particularly important someone might, and just might be inspired by my story to give themselves a totally new lifestyle!

So whats been going on since i last posted.........well I've dropped a s*** tonne of weight.......I now weigh 216 which is considerably less than my starting weight!
Over the Christmas period something changed in my brain and i really decided i want this, so since then I've totally overhauled my diet, added in some weight training (weight machines and body pump class) and taken on a personal trainer!

I've also entered myself into my first 5k race - well its more of a fun run but hey ho!

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be posting about my daily gym, fitness and general day to day activities. My new clean eating lifestyle (i hate the word immediately makes me hungry), possibly some recipes. I also plan on sharing other fitness blogs that i love reading!

So for now take care xx

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