Tuesday, 28 July 2015

15 Seriously Cute New Term Stationary Must Haves!

It has been a while since I did a home wear wish list or a haul post. This is in part due to a serious lack of funds and due to the fact that I've really fallen out of love with my home.
This tends to happen every summer. I guess my house is really an autumn/winter house. I love making it all cosy with candles and throws but can't seem to make that translate through the summer months.

So given that the school holidays have just started and it'll be soon time to stock up on stationary for the new term ahead I thought I'd do a post featuring my favourite items online. Whilst I'm certainly not starting a new term I do like to get my shit organised when the kids go back to school.

There are some seriously cute and sassy bits and pieces around online at the moment! Perfect for making your desk look like it has sprung straight from a Pinterest board.

Stationary wish list from Online Stores

1. I'm So Happy You Were Born Card from Southwood Stores

2. Ohh Deer Saucey Notebook

3. Ohh Deer Mean Girls Pencils

4. Marks and Spencer Wooden Stapler

5. Marks and Spencer Camera Design Notebook

6. Kate Spade Phone Cover

7. Kate Spade Business Card Holder

8. Marks and Spencer Geometric Notepad

9. Watermelon Parcel Tape

10. Deal With This Sticky Notes

11. Russian Doll Crayons Southwood Stores

12. Wooden "Note" Pegs From Southwood Stores

13. Get My Arse into Gear Note Pad

14. Self Help Tape

15. Concrete Ampersand

Monday, 27 July 2015

Five Shows To Watch On Netflix When You Have a Hangover

what to watch on netflix - by UK Lifestyle Blogger The Claire Diaries

I spent a lot of yesterday lying on the sofa with a stinking hangover - I know it's not big and it's not clever but hey what can you do?
I was determined to not let the day be a complete waste of time so I decided to do some "research" for this blog post.

I mean I'm sure there are better ways to spend a hungover day but I am yet to find one! So I curled up on the sofa with bucket loads of tea, hobnobs and Netflix! Perfect.

If like me you love a lazy day here are my top 5 box sets to watch on the UK netflix. I'll be honest none of them are particularly high brow but when hungover I completely lack any mental capacity!

What to watch on Netflix

1. The Vampire Diaries.

I've commented on this before and made no secret of the fact that I love the vampire diaries.
I was mega late to the party with this one. In all honesty I don't like watching anything that is particualrly scary - especially when i'm on my own however you quickly get used to the blood and throat ripping.

2. The Originals.

Spin off of the Vampire Diaries. Its fairly similar to the above. Once you get past the seriously ropey English accents it's not a bad watch.

Lazy Sunday Netflix Instagram and Facebook

3. Call The Midwife.

Again I was late to the party with this one and didn't watch it when it was on TV.
Being a big lover of programmes like Downton Abbey I thought I would give it a try and it didn't disappoint. It was a bit gory in some places but if you've had kids it shouldn't bother you!

4. Suits.

I've just started watching suits.
Its a really funny show that you could curl up and watch with your other half. Its not soppy or too actiony (?)

5. Pretty Little Liars

I started watching this when season 1 came out but soon stopped as couldn't get my teeth into it. After hearing and seeing all the hype on Instagram and the internet I thought I would give it a second chance and this time I'm well and truly hooked!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Family Fun - Rain and The Beach

This weekend saw the first weekend in what seemed like forever that we finally had the chance to relax a little and spend sometime with the kids. After much arguing we all settled on a trip to the coast.
Now living in Lincolnshire we aren't exactly near any nice beaches. I mean there are a couple on the way to Skegness and then there is Skeg itself but honestly I'm not a big fan.
So we headed up to an old family favourite of mine - Filey!
The weather forecast was checked multiple times before we left and all looked good.........

Not quite the case when we arrived. We ended up spending a lot of time sitting in the car waiting for the rain to pass!

Eventually it did pass and we had a gorgeous walk on the beach.
Little Miss Cartwheeled the entire length of the beach, The boy took his new camera with him and spent ages taking photos of the scenery and the rock pools.
All in all a great time was had, even if it was only for a couple of hours!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Ear Piercing!

When I found out I was having a baby girl I was over the moon - I mean I would have been if I was having a boy but there's something special about the bond between a mother and her daughter. Yes that bond can be tested a lot - mine never more so when my then 5 year old announced on Christmas Eve that she wanted her Ears Piercing!

This wasn't something I was ready for.....I was sure she'd be a lot older when ear piercing became an issue?

Cue a lot of stressing by me about what the best age was in order to let her get her ears pierced - the next thing I know we're off to the shop to get them done as an extra Christmas present!

Body Jewellery Shop Earings

To be totally honest there wasn't an awful lot of time to create a reasoned argument in my head. My initial thoughts were if Little Miss can remove them for PE, the ear rings are not very big and is willing to sit and have them done without it causing world war three then why not?
In actual fact I was hoping we'd get there and little miss would change her mind - Clearly not!

UK Lifestyle Blogger - reviewing The Body Jewellery Shop

So.....when these super cute little dice ear rings came through my letter box courtesy of the Body Jewellery Shop, Little Miss snapped them up straight away! They happened to arrive the same week as her Birthday - who am I to want them anyway!
In her defence they do tick all the boxes. They're made from Sterling Silver with butterfly back, are super tiny so as not to impact on any of her daily activities! How could she resist?

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Contemplating - Time for Change.....

UK Lifestyle blog thinking about the future

This year has truly been one of the hardest of my life.
Everything seems to be happening and as a result I'm finding that more and more I feel like I'm drowning and struggling to keep up with everything!

I hate feeling like I'm moaning all the time and really don't want this to turn into a miserable post.
This last few weeks has seen me seriously contemplating my future and at the minute I'm really can't decide where I want things to go.
Stress has become a very prolific part of my life and as a result I seem to be suffering all kinds of illnesses aches and pains.
Whilst I've come to the decision that it's OK to not know how I want my life to pan out and it's OK to take each day as it comes I can't seem to shift the stresses and feelings associated with it.