Monday, 2 December 2013

Monday Weekend Round Up...........

That's another weekend down and not much progress made! 

I'm seriously going to have to sort this out!

True to form Saturday morning was another double spin session! Yes that's 90 mins of Spin, to be fair the husband does it with me so that tends to make me work harder, but after the first 45 minutes my legs were killing me! They were getting to the point where i couldn't move them! It's this that i find hardest about working out! My head and heart want it, even my lungs could keep going but my legs just gave up! So i managed to attack the first 45 minutes.....the second 45 minutes were a very very different story.

I'm starting to get to know the spin instructor now and she tends to know which classes i've already done that week, so this week she was asking me which CD i wanted to do? Obviously i chose the cheesiest dance mix she that i could have a good sing a long to. In theory this should have made the second class easier..........It didn't!!

Anyway food has and probably will always be my downfall! I've downloaded the myfitnesspal app to my phone and am working on tracking my calories on there. I'm not sure how accurate the exercise calories are so at the moment i'm not taking any notice of my exercise calories, i'm eating between 1000-1200 calories per be fair i think 1000 is too few so i might jazz things up a bit and work on 1200 ish!