Thursday, 28 November 2013

Its A Daily Struggle..........

I'm afraid to admit this but my motivation has well and truly gone today!

This always seems to be the case after a rest day. I spend the rest day thinking about going to the gym, wishing I'd gone to the gym and then the following day i seem to get into this funk!
I can't be the only one surely!
Anyway I'm sure I'll end up there later doing something so I'll blog about that another day!

Christmas is Coming - Getting ready for black friday


.....On another note tomorrow is BLACK FRIDAY, that must mean it's nearly CHRISTMAS!!!!

Now I'm not normally one to get excited about Christmas and the thought of avoiding all food and alcohol actually terrifies me, but i think I've got at least half a plan in place to deal with it? I'll share the plan when I've thought it out a wee bit more!

Black Friday is a relatively new concept over here in the UK but never the less it's one I'm getting particularly excited about.
As of today my two little darlings are still yet to tell me what they want for Christmas, not helpful! So I'm planning on heading to the shops in the hope of finding something for them..........wish me luck!

Number One on my wish list:

Black Friday Must Get Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD for the Boy :-)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wednesday Is A Day Of Rest.........

Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes that's me sighing! Today is a REST DAY

Calming Rest Day Image

No exercise for me today....not in anyway shape or form!

My legs are quite literally screaming in pain from everything yesterday, and to be fair after a near death experience in last nights spin class I think a small rest is in order!

So to last night...........I went back to my spin class as planned, was having a great time and felt amazing until two tracks from the end and I suddenly became very aware of the lack of food I'd had all day and quite literally thought I was going to die - whilst yes I am being slightly dramatic, I did begin to panic somewhat!

Anyway a very small Chinese take away - I mean like a handful of chow mein noodles soon sorted me out and I started to feel better! So much better that I decided I'd been doing so well I deserved a glass of wine! Yes I know I'm doing this all wrong and i should really sort it out.......I will, I will I promise!

So that was last night and today i plan on sleeping lots and resting my poor tired screaming legs.........

PS I haven't forgotten about the BEFORE photos........

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


YEY me!!!!!!!!! Week 2 Day 2 and I nailed it..........

Sorry to blow my own trumpet but i need to celebrate these small achievements.......just hoping it translates on the scales? We'll see.....anyway i digress - I do that a lot really dont i?

So yesterdays attempt at the Couch to 5K was a disaster......a combination of not enough time, worrying and not finding the right music i think....anyway i managed 3 of the 1min 30sec runs - there are 6 in total this week. Admitedly thats not too shabby given that i'm this fat (sorry hate the word overweight - lets call a spade a spade).

That brings me to today.......Now i know i'm cheating a bit because i didnt actually manage yesterday but i decided in order to move things on a bit i'd go onto day 2. Chances are i'll end up repeating some of the weeks anyway so while im kind of able to complete the week and other factors are causing me to stop i'll cheat all i want thank you very much!

So day 2.....was bloody hard! I'm not going to lie but i managed it. After 4 runs my legs were ready to give up and my knees are starting to get a bit shaky but Whitney came on the old ipod and suddenly i was able to keep going!

I'm going back to spin class tonight (yes i know i'm obsessed) so i'll take some pictures before i go.......strictly they aren't BEFORE photos but they are from the first week of my Blog so they'll have to do!

The Gym is a B**** on a Monday Morning!

Oh my word! That title says it all!
I know, I know I'm posting this a day late......i didn't have the energy to write it yesterday so i think that may be the way forward.....I'll write the days post the following day!

So Monday!
I accidentally booked myself onto a Monday morning spin class! Whaaaaaattttt i hear you cry "who wants to do spin on a Monday morning???" Well seemingly a lot of people as the class was full, hence me booking - in case i could be bothered, and then feeling guilty when i realised i couldn't be bothered but i was already at the gym and it was too late to cancel!
In my head the morning was all planned out......I'd drop the husband at work, head to the gym and do Day 1 of Week 2 on the Couch to 5k plan (more on that later) there would then be plenty of time for me to get in the shower and hide before the spin instructor clocked me or before class started........nope shit don't work that way!

Here's what really went down.........Dropped husband at work (so far so good) started out for the gym......forgot the village (my short cut) was shut and I'd have to go the long way......I arrive at the gym 45 Min's before spin due to start (more than enough time you say?) I end up in the changing room putting my bag away and next thing i know I've lost 15 Min's - seriously what happens in changing rooms? Time seems to move quickly as soon as i set foot in one.......cant be anything to do with me arsing around with my hair right?
Anyway.......So I've got half an hour before class starts, i started the couch to 5k plan, nearly died, and ended up in the spin room trying to catch my breath before realising i didn't want to be in there! Arghhhhhhhhhh Anyway i did the class it was a killer, doesn't help when the music is a bit ropey.......

Jive Bunny anyone...........No?? What about

No??? To be fair it's quite funny and makes me laugh! Not often you can say you laugh during spin class!

This post is getting a bit long so I'll blog about the Couch to 5K episode on tomorrows post!

Monday, 25 November 2013

My head is finally back in the game!
I actually want to lose weight and get fit......admitedly i go through fits and starts with this.....99% of the time i want it but the other 1% of me screams it's too hard, you cant do it, it's time to stop......pretty sure i need to stop listening to that teeny tiny part of my brain!

Anyway so lets round this past weekend up!

All in all it wasn't a bad weekend exercise wise that's perhaps another story!

Saturday = double, back to back spin classes!
Yes i know I'm crazy....its not often a 252lb woman loves spinning but guess what I DO! I love riding my bike and i love being able to go to a cycling class with other people and not feel like I'm totally useless! Yes i go at my own pace and maybe i don't stand up all the time when i should be doing but to be totally honest I'm not that bothered! I'm getting a damn good workout and to top it all off i get to spend time with the husband as he's taken a liking to it too!
After spin everything went to pot and i started eating crap.......i mean why not that's what Saturdays are for right??? Might need to get out of that way of thinking!
On the plus side i only managed 1 glass of wine...for me that's pretty damn good, i couldn't actually stand the taste of it !

Sunday was a bit of a right off i just laid on the sofa all day letting my legs recover from spin.....well that was the excuse i gave!

That brings us to TODAY - MONDAY! I finally found the courage to weigh myself and I've lost...........wait for it..........12lb!!!!!!! That's 12lb in the last month or so....that's more than I've lost in nearly a year! I promise I'll post some photos soon!

So i might have to find some other really exciting things to talk about on this blog as its going to get really really boring if all i talk about is my weight loss or lack thereof!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Couch to 5K - Week One......and a bit more

Ok i know its been a while since i posted but i wanted to have something to actually write about before i came back on!

This week i decided to start the NHS couch to 5k running programe - i use the term running loosely i'm hardly running...not sure you'd even call it jogging but hey ho!

Anyway i digress.....the running program is built in stages taking it week by week with only three runs/workouts per week. After looking at it i decided that actually even i could probably manage that and it was time to give it a go!
So this week i pulled on my trainers and hit the gym and the treadmill.

Workout 1
Ok this was a killer......i mean literally! I used to run when i was younger (read 10 years ago) so thought it wouldnt be too bad! How wrong was i??
This week the sessions consisted of running for 1 min and walking for 1min 30 in between, you're then meant to repeat this 8 times (i counted)! Honestly i managed to do it 4 times before i gave up! I know i know im rubbish..........
It's not good and i'm not proud of myself but at least i got out and gave it a go! At this point i'd all but decided to give it up as a bad job! Until.......

Workout 2
At almost a week after my first attempt i decided that i had nothing to lose except weight and maybe i hadnt given this running lark a fair crack of the off i went to the gym again and this time i NAILED it, well kind of i manage 6.5 of the 8 runs and i was still able to walk and ride the stationary bike!
That evening and the following day my legs were agony! So much so that my dear husband had to attempt a deep tissue massage! I managed a spinning class the day after so he must have done something right!

Workout 3
This time i actually KILLED IT! All 8 runs done......again i was in agony and walking the next day was a bit of a challenge....the double spinning class i was booked onto became a single spin class but i was so proud that i kept going!

All in all this wasn't a terrible week and i'm super impressed with myself that i managed to finish the week and all the workouts....kind of!

I've not weighed myself this week but will do next!

Friday, 1 November 2013


Hello and Welcome to my NEW blog!
I've recently started at the gym, learning to run and finally losing weight. I wanted a place where i could document my achievements and failures (i'm sure there will be loads of those) and somewhere where i can look back see just how far i've come!

I started at the gym truthfully in August but due to lack of motivation, kids being at home, husband being at home, being downright lazy i've only actually been going to the gym for just over a month!

During that month i've become totally addicted to spin classes (and the toast they make), i probably go to far too many of them, but for now at least im moving!

Here's the nitty gritty!

Im starting this blog weighing 254lb!!!!!! Heres hoping i never see this size again!