Monday, 25 November 2013

My head is finally back in the game!
I actually want to lose weight and get fit......admitedly i go through fits and starts with this.....99% of the time i want it but the other 1% of me screams it's too hard, you cant do it, it's time to stop......pretty sure i need to stop listening to that teeny tiny part of my brain!

Anyway so lets round this past weekend up!

All in all it wasn't a bad weekend exercise wise that's perhaps another story!

Saturday = double, back to back spin classes!
Yes i know I'm crazy....its not often a 252lb woman loves spinning but guess what I DO! I love riding my bike and i love being able to go to a cycling class with other people and not feel like I'm totally useless! Yes i go at my own pace and maybe i don't stand up all the time when i should be doing but to be totally honest I'm not that bothered! I'm getting a damn good workout and to top it all off i get to spend time with the husband as he's taken a liking to it too!
After spin everything went to pot and i started eating crap.......i mean why not that's what Saturdays are for right??? Might need to get out of that way of thinking!
On the plus side i only managed 1 glass of wine...for me that's pretty damn good, i couldn't actually stand the taste of it !

Sunday was a bit of a right off i just laid on the sofa all day letting my legs recover from spin.....well that was the excuse i gave!

That brings us to TODAY - MONDAY! I finally found the courage to weigh myself and I've lost...........wait for it..........12lb!!!!!!! That's 12lb in the last month or so....that's more than I've lost in nearly a year! I promise I'll post some photos soon!

So i might have to find some other really exciting things to talk about on this blog as its going to get really really boring if all i talk about is my weight loss or lack thereof!

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