Friday, 22 November 2013

Couch to 5K - Week One......and a bit more

Ok i know its been a while since i posted but i wanted to have something to actually write about before i came back on!

This week i decided to start the NHS couch to 5k running programe - i use the term running loosely i'm hardly running...not sure you'd even call it jogging but hey ho!

Anyway i digress.....the running program is built in stages taking it week by week with only three runs/workouts per week. After looking at it i decided that actually even i could probably manage that and it was time to give it a go!
So this week i pulled on my trainers and hit the gym and the treadmill.

Workout 1
Ok this was a killer......i mean literally! I used to run when i was younger (read 10 years ago) so thought it wouldnt be too bad! How wrong was i??
This week the sessions consisted of running for 1 min and walking for 1min 30 in between, you're then meant to repeat this 8 times (i counted)! Honestly i managed to do it 4 times before i gave up! I know i know im rubbish..........
It's not good and i'm not proud of myself but at least i got out and gave it a go! At this point i'd all but decided to give it up as a bad job! Until.......

Workout 2
At almost a week after my first attempt i decided that i had nothing to lose except weight and maybe i hadnt given this running lark a fair crack of the off i went to the gym again and this time i NAILED it, well kind of i manage 6.5 of the 8 runs and i was still able to walk and ride the stationary bike!
That evening and the following day my legs were agony! So much so that my dear husband had to attempt a deep tissue massage! I managed a spinning class the day after so he must have done something right!

Workout 3
This time i actually KILLED IT! All 8 runs done......again i was in agony and walking the next day was a bit of a challenge....the double spinning class i was booked onto became a single spin class but i was so proud that i kept going!

All in all this wasn't a terrible week and i'm super impressed with myself that i managed to finish the week and all the workouts....kind of!

I've not weighed myself this week but will do next!

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