Tuesday, 26 November 2013


YEY me!!!!!!!!! Week 2 Day 2 and I nailed it..........

Sorry to blow my own trumpet but i need to celebrate these small achievements.......just hoping it translates on the scales? We'll see.....anyway i digress - I do that a lot really dont i?

So yesterdays attempt at the Couch to 5K was a disaster......a combination of not enough time, worrying and not finding the right music i think....anyway i managed 3 of the 1min 30sec runs - there are 6 in total this week. Admitedly thats not too shabby given that i'm this fat (sorry hate the word overweight - lets call a spade a spade).

That brings me to today.......Now i know i'm cheating a bit because i didnt actually manage yesterday but i decided in order to move things on a bit i'd go onto day 2. Chances are i'll end up repeating some of the weeks anyway so while im kind of able to complete the week and other factors are causing me to stop i'll cheat all i want thank you very much!

So day 2.....was bloody hard! I'm not going to lie but i managed it. After 4 runs my legs were ready to give up and my knees are starting to get a bit shaky but Whitney came on the old ipod and suddenly i was able to keep going!

I'm going back to spin class tonight (yes i know i'm obsessed) so i'll take some pictures before i go.......strictly they aren't BEFORE photos but they are from the first week of my Blog so they'll have to do!

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