Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wednesday Is A Day Of Rest.........

Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes that's me sighing! Today is a REST DAY

Calming Rest Day Image

No exercise for me today....not in anyway shape or form!

My legs are quite literally screaming in pain from everything yesterday, and to be fair after a near death experience in last nights spin class I think a small rest is in order!

So to last night...........I went back to my spin class as planned, was having a great time and felt amazing until two tracks from the end and I suddenly became very aware of the lack of food I'd had all day and quite literally thought I was going to die - whilst yes I am being slightly dramatic, I did begin to panic somewhat!

Anyway a very small Chinese take away - I mean like a handful of chow mein noodles soon sorted me out and I started to feel better! So much better that I decided I'd been doing so well I deserved a glass of wine! Yes I know I'm doing this all wrong and i should really sort it out.......I will, I will I promise!

So that was last night and today i plan on sleeping lots and resting my poor tired screaming legs.........

PS I haven't forgotten about the BEFORE photos........

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