Thursday, 28 November 2013

Its A Daily Struggle..........

I'm afraid to admit this but my motivation has well and truly gone today!

This always seems to be the case after a rest day. I spend the rest day thinking about going to the gym, wishing I'd gone to the gym and then the following day i seem to get into this funk!
I can't be the only one surely!
Anyway I'm sure I'll end up there later doing something so I'll blog about that another day!

Christmas is Coming - Getting ready for black friday


.....On another note tomorrow is BLACK FRIDAY, that must mean it's nearly CHRISTMAS!!!!

Now I'm not normally one to get excited about Christmas and the thought of avoiding all food and alcohol actually terrifies me, but i think I've got at least half a plan in place to deal with it? I'll share the plan when I've thought it out a wee bit more!

Black Friday is a relatively new concept over here in the UK but never the less it's one I'm getting particularly excited about.
As of today my two little darlings are still yet to tell me what they want for Christmas, not helpful! So I'm planning on heading to the shops in the hope of finding something for them..........wish me luck!

Number One on my wish list:

Black Friday Must Get Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD for the Boy :-)

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