Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Ear Piercing!

When I found out I was having a baby girl I was over the moon - I mean I would have been if I was having a boy but there's something special about the bond between a mother and her daughter. Yes that bond can be tested a lot - mine never more so when my then 5 year old announced on Christmas Eve that she wanted her Ears Piercing!

This wasn't something I was ready for.....I was sure she'd be a lot older when ear piercing became an issue?

Cue a lot of stressing by me about what the best age was in order to let her get her ears pierced - the next thing I know we're off to the shop to get them done as an extra Christmas present!

Body Jewellery Shop Earings

To be totally honest there wasn't an awful lot of time to create a reasoned argument in my head. My initial thoughts were if Little Miss can remove them for PE, the ear rings are not very big and is willing to sit and have them done without it causing world war three then why not?
In actual fact I was hoping we'd get there and little miss would change her mind - Clearly not!

UK Lifestyle Blogger - reviewing The Body Jewellery Shop

So.....when these super cute little dice ear rings came through my letter box courtesy of the Body Jewellery Shop, Little Miss snapped them up straight away! They happened to arrive the same week as her Birthday - who am I to want them anyway!
In her defence they do tick all the boxes. They're made from Sterling Silver with butterfly back, are super tiny so as not to impact on any of her daily activities! How could she resist?

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