Monday, 27 July 2015

Five Shows To Watch On Netflix When You Have a Hangover

what to watch on netflix - by UK Lifestyle Blogger The Claire Diaries

I spent a lot of yesterday lying on the sofa with a stinking hangover - I know it's not big and it's not clever but hey what can you do?
I was determined to not let the day be a complete waste of time so I decided to do some "research" for this blog post.

I mean I'm sure there are better ways to spend a hungover day but I am yet to find one! So I curled up on the sofa with bucket loads of tea, hobnobs and Netflix! Perfect.

If like me you love a lazy day here are my top 5 box sets to watch on the UK netflix. I'll be honest none of them are particularly high brow but when hungover I completely lack any mental capacity!

What to watch on Netflix

1. The Vampire Diaries.

I've commented on this before and made no secret of the fact that I love the vampire diaries.
I was mega late to the party with this one. In all honesty I don't like watching anything that is particualrly scary - especially when i'm on my own however you quickly get used to the blood and throat ripping.

2. The Originals.

Spin off of the Vampire Diaries. Its fairly similar to the above. Once you get past the seriously ropey English accents it's not a bad watch.

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3. Call The Midwife.

Again I was late to the party with this one and didn't watch it when it was on TV.
Being a big lover of programmes like Downton Abbey I thought I would give it a try and it didn't disappoint. It was a bit gory in some places but if you've had kids it shouldn't bother you!

4. Suits.

I've just started watching suits.
Its a really funny show that you could curl up and watch with your other half. Its not soppy or too actiony (?)

5. Pretty Little Liars

I started watching this when season 1 came out but soon stopped as couldn't get my teeth into it. After hearing and seeing all the hype on Instagram and the internet I thought I would give it a second chance and this time I'm well and truly hooked!

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