Saturday, 29 March 2014

I Love To Cheat......

Why a cheat meal is always good

So yesterday I had my personal training session! It was really good and Sarah worked me hard! I even managed to increase the speed of my sprint in my treadmill HIIT say I was over the moon is a slight understatement! I can't believe how much stronger and faster i'm getting, a few months ago i was shattered just walking on the treadmill and now i'm making some serious improvements!

So to reward myself i thought i would make today my "Cheat Meal". Im really trying to get out of the habit of rewarding myself with food (i am not a dog.......or something like that). Either way.......

So i had Fish and Chips from the chip shop and half a glass of wine! Both of these were a really big mistake and I wont be having either of them again in a hurry! To say i almost virtually lived on fried greasy food, my stomach can no longer handle it and i spent the entire evening with a stomach ache feeling fat and bloated! So not worth it!
As for the wine.....Pre becoming exercise obsessed i could easily polish off a couple of glasses of wine on a Friday night! Seemingly not anymore, i struggled to drink that one glass and then woke up this morning with the worlds worst headache! Looks like i'm becoming quitting alcohol properly too.........Good job I really really love the turn my life has taken!

As for future "cheat meals" I need to remember these golden rules and maybe chose something non greasy and fried......

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