Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Round Up

Arghhhh Can't believe I missed a day! I blame it on the Easter school holidays and the kids being off! Anyway I'm back so I thought i would give you a round up of my weekend. Not that it was that exciting, but I feel I should be accountable anyway.

This pretty much sums everything up!

Friday was my weekly PT session. I lost another 2lb this week but all my measurements stayed the same. Guess this is OK I'm still getting smaller.
PT was a bit of a killer. Sarah had devised a new form of torture/programme for me, and this one was hard! 
It consisted of: 

Leg Press - 15 reps 
Weighted Walking Lunges -20 reps

Then came the worst part!

Having never done this before its fairly safe to say I was terrified! I lack coordination at the best of times and in total honesty I'm not very quick at thinking and moving so this was hard, both mentally and physically.

Thread the Needle - 20 reps
Make a Box - 15 reps
(I'm not sure if the names are right but that's what my PT called them)

Then came the HIIT portion.

Spin Bike: 30sec sprint 30sec recovery X5
Rowing Machine: 250m 20sec recovery X5
Treadmill: 30sec sprint 1min recovery X5

Just reading it makes me tired!
Anyway on the Saturday my back was killing me, presumably from the new Vipr exercises. I went to spin anyway, but seriously struggled. Not really sure if it was the best thing to do but never mind.

Sunday - I decided it was time I started training properly for this 5K run I'm doing in June. So i put on my trainers and dragged the boy out with me. I managed 3.2K in 30mins - this was a combination of walking and running, but I am really hoping to drop the walking sometime soon!

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