Thursday, 10 April 2014

New Blog Design

Whoo! I finally have a new blog design! I got it from the amazing MISS LILLY DESIGNS on Etsy.
To be fair I'm a total nightmare when it comes to things like this and in three weeks time I will more than likely change my mind and decide I want something different, but for now I really love this design! I think it totally sums up my journey and personality! What do you all think?

New blog design

Anyway.........This week......Its the first week of the Easter Holidays here in the UK, So that has meant trying to entertain the kids as well as fitting in my gym schedule! So far it has all worked out well. I'm lucky enough that we go to a gym that has an active kids club program. So while the kids have been in there I've been hitting the gym hard after my week off!

I've mainly been doing my PT programme but this week I've also decided to add an abs routine to the programme. I've still got a lot of fat to lose on my stomach but figured if I start working on my abs now by the time the fat has gone there may be something to show......I'm not 100% sure it works like that but here's to wishful thinking!

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