Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I wrote a post the other day about planning workouts in order to reach your goals. So this week I wanted to write about setting goals. This is seriously something that has helped me get this far and isn't something that I plan on giving up.

Trust me I am a total cynic and seriously hate when people start spouting things off at me like:
"Have a goal in mind"
"Buy a skinny dress and work to it"
Those types of goals don't work for me personally I don't find them very achievable. - If they do for you then fab, go with it. Seriously whatever makes you motivate use it! 

The goals I've been setting myself whether secretly or out loud are ones that I can control (yes I'm a control freak), things like Eat Clean All Week, Do Four Spin Classes This Week, Don't Have Takeaway This Week - yes that last one gets used a lot! By focusing on these I've almost forgotten about the end goal but still made mini steps to achieving it. 
For example eating clean all week - with no cheat meals led me to dropping an extra 1lb to what I was expecting to drop. Yes it's only 1lb which doesn't seem a lot but it's getting me nearer to the end goal of losing a significant amount of weight without focusing on it!

Most importantly though I've learned to accept that I will fail. Life happens. I might have decided not to eat takeaway a certain week, but after running the kids around and going to the gym, sometimes it's quicker and easier the odd time. Things happen and that's ok the important thing is not to dwell on the failures - learn from them and try to not repeat them!

So that's it. My quick guide to setting goals. Remember whatever goal you set make sure you celebrate when you hit that target........New shoes usually works for me!

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