Thursday, 17 April 2014

Ouch I'm Sore........Time for Active Recovery

Oh my word I am so sore.......I've spent the last 2 days doing HIIT training for fat burn and weight training! I've been doing weight training for a short while but not with much intensity. I've recently found out that I have an event to go to at the start of May so decided I really need to work on my back, triceps and biceps so I can look cute in whatever I decide to wear!

As I've been working out hard I decided that today would be an active recovery day.....I love active recovery. I still feel like I'm doing something but all my aches and pains get time to ease off!

What is Active Recovery?
In short active recovery is basically a very low intensity workout compared to what you would normally be doing.
Active Recovery is very subjective to the person doing it! For example a marathon runner will be able to a slow jog the day after an intense training session! I however wouldn't. For me a light jog is an intense session so my active recovery would be a short walk or such like.

Personally I feel so much better on the days that I do active recovery compared to the days that I just chill out at home. I don't feel as lazy and it means I stick with my clean eating plan as I'm still being active.

Ideas for Active Recovery
I certainly do not profess to be an expert but here is what has been working for me........

1) Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) FOAM ROLLING - I had to google it's actual name as I tend to refer to it as Foam Rolling. Essentially you roll the sore aching parts of your body on large chunks of foam.....Whilst admittedly at the time rolling the foam on your sore aching muscles actually kills, afterwards the release feels amazing!

2) Walking - Along with swimming this is my favourite. Generally I don't really like walking but when everything is sore, getting outside for a moderate walk is great! Obviously it's not a high calorie burner but I firmly believe the positive mental effects outweigh the amount of calories burnt.

3) Swimming - My absolute Favourite!!!!!! Its low stress due to the weightlessness in the water and fairly relaxing! Generally I do 20-30 lengths, I've found that this is just enough to release the tension in my arms, shoulders and back. It's also enough to get my heart rate up a bit so I feel like I'm still getting a strenuous workout it.

4) Cycling/Spinning - Doing this at a light intensity is great the day after a leg workout! Yes it hurts at first but keep going and you'll find that all the stiffness disappears!

4) Yoga - Stretching is great, It gives you a really moderate workout and relieves a lot of muscle tension. Lets be honest who doesn't like the relaxation period at the end of a yoga class............Just don't start snoring!

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