Monday, 26 May 2014

New Favourite

Ok so time to be really upfront now......I am quite possibly the worlds worst cook - and while I am trying my damn hardest to eat clean and be healthy, when you can't cook this isn't easy.
For the last few months I've bee quite literally living off Chicken and Veg or Fish and Veg.
Well this week I finally became fed up of it and decided it was time to give something else ago.

So I bought some Turkey Mince.......I can never find this when I want it but am so glad I did this time. It was a welcome change!

So here's my new favourite meal.........

My Clean Eating Diet - Turkey Mince and Veg

Turkey Mince
Steam Fresh Frozen Veg 
Small amount of Cheese!

I know it really isn't that exciting but at least I'm trying I guess?? Its kept me full for a while now and no snacking since I ate it so surely that can only be a good thing??

What foods do you like to cook??? Simple Ideas Please :-)

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