Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Neon Pink or Mums Choice?

This weekend I spent a lot of time cleaning the crap out of the Little Miss's bedroom - Cleaning burns lots of calories right? In actual fact I was still sore after my PT session and tossing things in bin bags was all I could manage.
It completely baffles me how kids can accumulate bits of broken toys, random pieces of paper and other such delights without it bothering them!
Well not now! I had a good clean out and considering her room is the smallest in the house I still managed to dispose of three bin bags worth of junk.
Now her room is all clean I really want to start decorating. The only problem is The Little Miss wants neon pink Hello Kitty (shit my worst nightmare) and I want pretty, clean and cute........How on earth do I get round this?

So just in case I don't win this battle here is some of the inspiration I've been looking at:

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