Thursday, 29 May 2014

Half Term, Rain and No Gym!

Workout Plan when the kids are off school

This week has been Half Term for the kids! They love the break from school, I love having them at home, however my gym schedule and diet certainly don't.

The school summer holidays (6 whole weeks)  are fast approaching so therefore I figured it might be a good time now to start researching other methods of working out at home and with the kids around.

Ways to Work Out At Home

1. Running - This is clearly the most obvious choice. Going for a run can take as little or as much time as you have/want. You can burn some serious calories running so this makes it great for maintaining the weight loss. However what if you don't like running or can't run???

2. Cycling - This summer might be time to dust off the road bike and get back outside. Again I don't really enjoy this. I'm very much an exercise class kinda girl......I like the social aspect of it and find cycling quite lonely, however again the calorie burn can be huge.....guess I could go tackle a few hills and get the same effects as a spin session.

3. 30 Day Shred - This will most certainly be on my list! I need a way to still build muscle over the holidays without having to buy crazy expensive gym equipment (I'll still be paying my gym membership after all). I love the results you get with the 30 day shred however I seem to have only gotten big results when I've combined it with all of my other classes.

4. Take the kids for a run round the park - This is something my kids would totally LOVE! Any mention of the park and they are at the door, shoes on ready to go. Throw in the option to race mum around the field and they'd be more than happy!

While that covers most of my exercise needs I do still need to find away to carry on with my weight training. I also need to find a way to keep my eating habits in check....I'm finding it all too easy to just eat crap and stuff myself when the kids are off!

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