Friday, 3 April 2015

Making Mondays Awesome!

UK Lifestyle blogger tips for a great productive weekend

Finally the first bank holiday of 2015 is upon us! To be honest I can't believe this year has gone so fast and its already April.

One of my favourite weekends of the year has to be Easter weekend! Usually the weather is getting warmer and time can be spent outside with the Kids rather that getting cabin fever in the house.
To be honest I'm not sure what we are doing or where we are going but I know i'm determined not to go back to work on Tuesday thinking I've wasted the weekend.

Here are a few ideas to help you have a productive weekend and to stop that Monday Morning Feeling in its tracks!

1) GO OUT! Get up out of bed at a reasonable time and actually get dressed. Then go somewhere, anywhere! I love Netflix as much as the next person (more probably) but whilst staying in all weekend might seem like the ideal option you'll only regret it come monday.
Go Shopping, grab a coffee, go for a run, walk the dog......just do something so you can say you have actually left the house!

2) CHANGE THE BED(s) - I like to do this on a Sunday Morning. I love love love sleeping in a fresh clean bed. I always get a better nights sleep when my bed is clean. This then totally sets me up for the week!

3) GO TO THE GYM - Combine it with grabbing a coffee and you've covered step 1 and 3 in one go! I usually head to a spin class on a Saturday morning. Admittedly it's not my ideal way to wake up but I always feel 100% better for doing it.

4) COOK A MEAL - It might be Sunday Lunch or just a quick Saturday night supper. Cooking makes you feel like you've been productive and it stops you eating junk for one evening at least......

5) ORDER TAKEAWAY - Yes contradictory I know. They say variety is the spice of life though so give yourself one day over the weekend off from cooking and order a domino's!

6) DUVET DAY - Again I know! The weekend is for relaxing though so as long as you don't spend all weekend in the same pj's watching TV box sets you'll be fine! You certainly deserve one day a week to not get up!

7) PAMPER NIGHT - I love having a pamper night on a Sunday when the kids are in bed. It makes me feel like I've actually done something to take care of myself. Usually Mondays are pretty hectic and I don't get much time to myself so sitting in the bath listening to Spotify makes me feel a little bit better

8) MEAL PREP - I know it's really not that exciting but if you prep your meals and snacks for the coming week it means you have a small amount of free time each day to chill. Even if it's just making the kids packed lunches.........You'll feel better for it!

How do you have a productive weekend?

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