Monday, 6 April 2015

Make Mistakes, and Other Things I Would Tell Myself!

UK lifestyle blogger letter to a teenage me

I'm back!!! I have been full of cold and flu this past week and couldn't bring myself to blog! I have been doing some researching and reading though so am hoping some good things will start to happen with this blog in the coming weeks!!

Lately I've been reading a lot of "What I would tell myself posts" and given how much my life has changed in the past few months I thought it might be an idea to write one myself?

Dear 16 Year Old Me..........

You've made it to 30! A lot has happened and not in the way you thought it might? Some of it good, some of it bad but it's made you the person you are today! If I could tell you anything it's to follow these eight pieces of advice!

1) Make Mistakes - Make lots of them! Learn from them but never regret any of them! Regrets aren't worth having, they make you miserable. Own your mistakes and move on. It will make you a much happier person in the long run.

2) You're not ugly and you're really not fat! Stay away from Pizza and Crap! I know you don't like it now, but when you fall pregnant in 2 years time ignore the cravings and keep away from it. You will get fat and it's much harder to lose the weight when you're older.
You have more willpower than you give yourself credit for!

3) Make lots of Friends! I know you're boy mad at the minute but boys won't be there for you when things go wrong! Make lots of friends and find a really good best friend who you can always turn to!

4) Alcohol - Yes you're going to drink it. I know you're sensible! Just remember cosmopolitan cocktails are great in moderation. They will make you sick and make you fall down - this is not a good look!

5) Maybeline Dream Matt Mousse - Seriously this is not a good foundation! Your face will be a different colour to your neck and you will look orange in every picture. I know you're skint now but invest in good skincare - Your 30 year old self will thank you for it!

6) Don't worry what other people think of you and stop worrying what you think of other people! Just let things happen and let things be!

7) Stay away from the tweezers! You might like super skinny eyebrows but me at 30 doesn't, We're having a nightmare trying to grow them back properly! Get them waxed from the start - honestly you'll thank me!

8) You will be happy! You won't get everything you want but you will get different things! We're 30 now and we've got two gorgeous kids, a lovely house and a great job. Life hasn't exactly gone the way we planned but its a good different!

Hang in there kid! It all works out for the best!

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