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Les Mills Body Pump....I Love It!

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It's been almost a year and a half since I started hitting the gym on a regular basis. One of the main things that has kept me motivated over the two years has been attending group exercise classes!

By far my most favourite class has been Les Mills Body Pump class!

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What is it.....?

Well in short expect to pump iron! No seriously this is a weights based class, Lasting 55 minutes or 45 minutes depending on which class you attend, you use a light barbell and a step to complete a full body workout! 

The class is divided into 10 sections each lasing for one track (song) and each is designed to work a different body part.
The exercises are pretty straightforward and are easy to follow. I usually get by following the person in front of me if I can't see the instructor!

Essentially the class is weights based but as there is very little rest and lots of reps per track it really does provide a good cardio workout too!

Each class follows a certain format for about a three month period which means after attending 2-3 classes you'll have got the hang of the routine. Also there is no jumping up and down so you don't need to be mega coordinated for the class!


In my opinion pretty much anyone. It's up to you whether you use a light or heavy weight. If you regularly lift weights always go lighter than your regular weight. You complete 100s of reps per class so going too heavy isn't really an option.


Find the instructor! This is probably the most important step! They will give you advice tell you what weights are best to use and give you a quick overview of any moves and combinations used in the class.


Water, water and more water
Probably a towel as the class can get pretty intensive.
Step & Matt - This is needed for usually a couple of tracks
Barbell - with appropriate weights
Dumbells or Spare Plates

Honestly give it a go......Body Pump has been great motivation for me and made me realise I much prefer lifting weights to pounding the treadmill!

Have you done a Body Pump class? Thoughts??

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