Friday, 10 April 2015

Mummy-Daughter Date Cinderella Review!

Review of the 2015 Disney Cinderella Film

At the start of the Easter holidays I took little miss D to see Cinderella at the cinema!
After the hype surrounding the size of Cinderellas' waist and if I'm totally honest not being a huge lover of kids films I was pleasantly surprised! 

I made a huge mistake when booking the tickets and booked them for the wrong day. I'd booked them for the day before. I turned up at our local Odeon cinema (Lincoln) trying to get my tickets out of the machine with a very worried daughter stood by my side. It was only after some huffing, puffing and swearing under my breath did I realise what i'd done! 
The staff at the Odeon could not have been more helpful and transferred my tickets for no extra charge. I even managed to get the same seats. 
Now normally I huff and puff about the price of the tickets, lack of offers and the cost of the sweets but this time I was so relieved we even shared a large popcorn!

My review of the 2015 Cinderella Movie

Anyway to the film. The film followed the same story pretty much as the original Disney animated film, but what the animated film lacked and this one had in abundance was costumes!! The costumes were amazing! 
I don't think there was one female member of the audience that didn't wish she was Cinderella dancing at the ball in that Blue gown! It truly was magical and enchanting. 

Helene Bonham Carter was amazing as the fairy godmother. My only criticism is that we didn't see enough of her in the film!

My Verdict....LOVED it........

Little Miss D's Verdict.....Loved it.....

If you are looking for an end of Easter Holiday treat for the kids I would certainly recommend seeing Cinderella.

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