Monday, 13 April 2015

Make Mornings Easier

how to make mornings easier

Everyday I wake up looking like this.......

Yeah right! I wish! My mornings usually consist of my running round the house looking like a screaming mess. Seriously I'm lucky if I can get a hair brush through my hair and get the kids out of the door on time most mornings. However I've decided it's time to change my routine to make my life easier......

I am really not a morning person and 99% of the time will do anything to have an extra few minutes in bed so a lot of these tips are about night before preparation!

*1 Prepare Lunch The Night Before

This means your lunch, the kids lunch...whoever else needs lunch! Not only will it save you a ton of money and help you make healthier choices but it will give you at least an extra 10 minutes in bed! BONUS!

*2 Plan Your Outfit The Night Before

Seriously I waste so much time in the morning trying to decide what to wear. When I'm in a rush nothing looks right and I end up getting myself into a flustered mess. Picking out my outfit the night before means I can quickly get ready and don't have to think too much about it. 
I also lay my kids uniforms out too. This means that the kids can get themselves sorted each morning without me having to find things for them.

*3 Quick Breakfast

I'm not a huge breakfast lover I usually skip it. However I find having things in the cupboards that are pre prepared makes my mornings a lot easier. At the minute I am loving Fritatas for breakfast. I tend to make them the night before and then give them a quick blast in the microwave. 

*4 Wash Your Hair The Night Before

I always do this. Then hop in the shower in the morning. It means I don't have to spend endless amounts of time drying my hair. I usually just run a brush and straighteners through it and I'm good to go.

*5 Set Alarms

Every night I set three alarms. I know when the first one goes off I have another half hour in bed. Second one means its time to start thinking about getting up, and third means its time to get the hell out of bed. Although I'm not keen on my sleep being disturbed three times, I know I still have plenty of time from the first alarm and by the third I'm ready to get up

*6 Stick to a Routine

This is my last tip. I find that once I've got a morning routine in place and both the kids and I know whats going on when, mornings run a whole lot smoother! 
It only takes a few days for a routine to set in and you will thank me for it!

What are your top morning tips?

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