Tuesday, 14 April 2015

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Vlogger

Is Vlogging a worthwhile career?

For Christmas we bought our daughter an Ipod touch.....yes that probably makes us the worst parents in the world, but in the interest of saving our sons and daughters relationship, not to mention our sanity I thought it was a good idea. In all honesty since being given said Ipod my daughters writing, spelling and reading has come on so much! It's probably down to all the texting she does - during school holidays she likes to imessage her dad and I whilst we are at work....just to remind us she is always there and we can never escape!! Joking I love her really.

Anyway one evening I was having a look at her ipod and had seen she had been spending a lot of time on Youtube watching Disney princess make up tutorials and DIY costume tutorials - which so far I seem to be doing a good job of avoiding making!
I wasn't aware the little beast even knew what Youtube was let alone how to use it. When I questioned her about it the next morning I was told "Everyone knows what YouTube is Mum" (Sassy little madam). When I asked what she'd been watching she happily told me then said "Mummy when I grow up I want to be a Vlogger"!!

This then sent me into a blind panic.....after all blogging/vlogging isn't really a career for most is it?
I spent a lot of time thinking about it I was really worried that by Blogging and Instagramming our lives I was sending my daughter the wrong impression. After all Blogging is hard work and it really does only become a career for a chosen few! 
Then I thought about Journalism - Is there really any difference between being a journalist and working freelance or being a blogger and slogging your guts out to make it?
At the minute she is only 5 and I'm not sure she really knows what a blogger does. I just want to make sure that she knows it's certainly not that glamorous!!

I decided there and then that if the little beast wanted to be a blogger I would 100% support her. Who knows she maybe the next Zoella.....

When I grow up I want to be Zoella

Not long after we had this conversation (roughly 3 minutes) the little beast announced she would actually quite like to be a police woman.......Love how fickle kids are!

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