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20 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Turn 30!

I turned 30 last October and for me it was a big deal! In fact I had a damn near breakdown over the fact I was no longer going to be a 20 something! 

In the 6/7 months I've been 30 some unexpected things have started happening so I thought I would share...........

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1. Hangovers Last at Least 2 days! 

Yes I had hangovers before but nothing compared to these. Prepare to feel worse at 3pm the day after drinking than the second you woke up!

2. Regrets over health and skincare....

When you're in your mid twenties nothing can be more boring than someone telling you to watch what you eat and take care of your skin. When you hit thirty you'll wake up and realise they were right!

3. You realise you have wrinkles and grey hairs!

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4. Divorce....

This becomes a real thing! Sure it doesn't happen to everyone but the blissful bubble of your twenties is replaced by the stress of careers, kids, money and mortgages!

5. Bottle of Wine and A Good Film!

You suddenly realise that you don't want to spend hours getting ready to go out only to want to be at home in bed for 10:30pm. A bottle of wine and Netflix on your fancy smart TV become a better option!

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6. People In Their 20s Think You're Old!

Bitch please I was your age like two minutes ago......It'll catch up with you too!

7. You Start Using Phrases and Saying Previously Heard By Your Parents.

"Are you going out wearing that?" "Do you not have a coat?" - Usually said to Twenty something work colleagues and relatives - They're indestructible right?

Things that happen when you are thirty - Dark Circles. UK Blogger

8. Dark Circles Under Your Eyes.....

Once just an annoying TV advert this now becomes the bane of your life. Four hours disturbed sleep is the norm right?

9. Workout!

Once your activity of choice the gym now becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. Middle age spread seems quite a real prospect!

Having a quarter Life Crisis - UK Lifestyle Blog

10. Triathlon/Marathon/Iron Man!

In a desperate attempt to prove you are still young and fit you decide to enter a Triathlon/Marathon/Iron Man event....because after all the working out you're an athlete right? Surely a triathlon is a great idea?

11. You Use a Diary.

Being spontaneous is a thing of the past. You need at least three weeks notice to schedule in a cup of coffee, after finding a babysitter!

12. Buying White Goods Is An Exciting Prospect.

Now you're a grown up Thirty Something and actually have money to stock a fridge, you have to have the nicest American style fridge you kitchen can house right?? Kitchen too small....You can always extend?

reviewing house hold products. Things you do when thirty

13. You Find Yourself Researching Products Before You Purchase.

No longer do you just rock up to Currys and say "I want that one". You spend hours trawling the internet, comparing specifications and prices! Then discussing it at length with your friends, partner and colleagues.....No You are not boring!!

You stop caring what people think. Things that happen when you turn 30.

14. You No Longer Give A Crap.....

After spending most of your twenties figuring out who you are, you no longer give a crap what people think! #librerating

15. People you know have teenage kids!

Yes you still feel like a teenager at heart so you can totally relate to them....No, no you can't. Remember you're their Mum/Dads friend they don't want to talk to you.

16. You Think You Can Actually Hear Your Biological Clock Ticking!

"Holy Crap, I need to get married and have a baby within a year!" - stop stressing you've got ages yet. 

Thing that happen when you turn thirty

17. "Oh You're Not Married? It'll be You Next Don't Worry"

Heard at every wedding, christening, party, family dinner! Just ignore it!

18. You'll Own More Joggers and PJ's Than Actual Clothes

Going out is a thing for the youngsters. Staying in wearing your sweats becomes a refreshing alternative. You can no longer name where to buy the latest designer shoes....but damn you know where to buy comfy PJs.

19. You Realise That Your Time Is Limited

Whether it's realising you don't want to spend time with certain people or realising you're only here for a limited time. You start to whittle down the things that you really enjoy doing and get rid of the things that truly bring no value to your life.

Things that happen when turning thirty | UK Lifestyle and Fitness blog

20. You Start To Enjoy and Live For Every Minute!!!

Did You Notice any Changes When You Turned Thirty?

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