Monday, 9 March 2015

They're Real vs Roller Lash

Like most of the UK I sat waiting for Elle to hit the shelves....headed to Tesco only to find there was only one left on the shelf and some delightful person had torn the outer wrapping and nicked the Free Benefit Roller Lash mascara - I mean really......Anyway after some searching I managed to find a copy and finally get my hands on the mascara everyone was raving about.

I decided I wanted to give a totally honest review of the Roller Lash Mascara and compare it with the Benefit They're Real Mascara so after a month of testing here's my verdict.......

Uk Lifestyle blogger review of benefit roller lash mascara

So first up is the benefit Roller Lash mascara - In all honesty I'm not sure I get it? Over the month I've been using it I didn't find that it curled my lashes at all and I was still having to use my curlers. The formula was nice though and it wasn't too thick and clumpy - also compared to the They're Real mascara it was a dream to remove!

UK lifestyle blogger reviews benefit they're real mascara

 Benefit They're Real Mascara! - Now this one I LOVE - maybe that's why the Roller Lash didn't do it for me? Yes I have to use my curlers but when I'm done my eye lashes look long and thick and as someone who has spent a fortune getting eyelash extensions this is a god send!

The formula is a bit thick and I've found that it takes me literally forever to remove it. I don't wear make up everyday but despite my best scrubbing efforts you can still see there is some left on the following day.
Despite this though I love it and will not be in any hurry to go back to my old mascara........

What do you think? Roller or Real?

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