Friday, 6 March 2015

20 Ways to Make Yourself Happy!

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2) Reward yourself for good habits

3) Eat something really good! - The healthier the better you will feel

4) Stop Worrying

5) Stop Procrastinating

6) Be Productive

7) Do some Yoga and Relax

8) Exercise

9) Have a duvet Day - Netflix anyone?

10) Make a Plan

11) Stop thinking negatively

12) Stop gossiping and listening to rumors!

13) Log off social media for a WHOLE day

14) Clean the house - It'll make you feel better

15) Read a new book

16) Get outside into nature

17) Put some music on and turn the volume up LOUD!

18) Do something creative

19) Start a Diary

20) Decide to be HAPPY

What makes you Happy?

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