Monday, 23 March 2015

7 Steps Ways to have the Perfect Pamper Night!

This is something I've been doing a LOT of lately! Spending time relaxing and taking time for myself.

UK Lifestyle blogger 7 ways to have the perfect pamper night

Yes 99% of the time I feel selfish doing so but usually the little Miss is in bed and my son will be hiding in his pit/bedroom!
I've found having a girlie night to myself at least once a week has really helped me deal with a lot of the crap that's been going on in my life at the minute.

So here's what I do......

Step 1) Pour Wine - Or if I'm feeling really healthy a big glass of ice cold water! This then comes up to the bathroom with me and sits on the side of the bath! Until I'm in relaxed and ready to drink it. Be careful not to spill wine into the bath...I've done this a few times and its just really really annoying!

Step 2) Light all the Candles - I love having candles in the bathroom with me. Scented ones are the best! Turn the lights off and suddenly I feel a lot more relaxed.

Step 3) Products, products and more products. Right about now I do a hair and face mask and sit back and chill for a bit.

UK Lifestyle blogger - Girls night in How to

Step 4) Rinse! Then I usually rinse everything off. Wash my hair and get out and Moisturize.

Step 5) PJ time! This has to be the best part of the night for me! I put on my fave pjs and big comfy socks!

Step 6) Read or watch Netflix. I'm pretty addicted to Pretty Little Liars at the minute so I'm currently working my way through that!

Step 7) Turn off the light - Yep a nice and simple on. Turn off the light early and get a good nights sleep!

How do You Have A Perfect Pamper Night?

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