Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer Reads....So Far

I love to read - always have. As yet I've not converted and bought myself a Kindle (both the kids have one) so I'm still reading good old fashioned paper back books - preferably ones that are on sale at tesco... Two for £7.00? YES PLEASE. Personally I don't think you can beat a hard copy of a book, Particularly in the summertime when the edges get a little torn and tatty, you usually drop your book in the sea and there is nothing like reading a good summer book again and finding it has sand stuck in the midddle and still smells of Sun lotion....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

Anyway now the kids have broken up for school I've not had a lot of time to read too many books, in fact i've only managed three but here is a quick synopsis and review of the ones I have read!

Summer Reads by The Claire Diaries UK weight loss Fitness and Lifestyle Blog

1) A Cottage by The Sea - Carole Matthews
A week away in a cottage by the sea with her best friends Ella and Flick, Leads Grace to an interesting week of affairs, betrayal and a new arrival............

I loved this story read it in record time. The characters were all realistic and I could certainly see traits in them which reminded me of certain people in my life! The story was a bit wishy wash in places and the trail of the story following Ella seemed to be a bit hit and miss at times but overall it was a great summer read! I'm a big fan of most of Carole Matthews books.

2) Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsella
How to stop your sister making the biggest mistake of her life!

This book was great from start to finish. It had me chuckling to myself throughout! Reading this when I was feeling a little bit down certainly lifted my mood! It has however left me slightly intrigued as to how Sophie Kinsella came up with all the sabotage ideas :-) Read it and you'll understand what I mean!

3) The Chocolate Lovers Club - Carole Matthews
Realising your boy friend is a cheating dirtbag, you actually quite fancy your boss and planning a jewellery heist....that's what Lucy Lombard has to look forward to in this story!

Personally I wasn't that great a fan of this book. Like A cottagc by the Sea some of the story was a bit random and seemed like it was just their as a filler. To be honest it was ok and makes great poolside reading but I won't be rushing back to it in a hurry!

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