Monday, 4 August 2014

False Lash Effect Mascara

Recently I've found myself finally becoming interested in my skin, hair, nails and the way I look again. I don't know if it's down to the fact I've lost weight, or because i look healthier or simply just because I have an element of self esteem again but either way I'm interested.

So I've decided to start doing product reviews and some beauty posts. 

Now i really don't profess to be a professional but I know what works for me and what products I like. I'm really not into spending big bucks on products so I like to make the best of what I can afford and I thought it would be a good thing to share with the world !!

So here is my first (well technically second) beauty post!!!

Collection 2000 Volumising Waterproof Mascara!

Beauty product review from UK Lifestyle and fitness blog

Unfortunately for me I was not blessed with lush long eyelashes. In fact some days I'm lucky if I look like I have any eye lashes at all! I've spent a small fortune on mascara, and false lash products but few if any of them have given me a natural looking lash effect. I'm not big on clumpy looking mascara and super long eye lashes just make me laugh......Peacock style ones are great for a night out but not everyday wear !

I've tried expensive brands and I've tried the cheapest of the cheap but the one I've found that gives me the most natural look is this Collection 2000 Volumising Waterproof mascara. It gives my lashes a long but natural look, is easy to apply and even though it is super waterproof it's easy to remove the odd smudge when applying. 
There aren't many mascaras out there that are truly waterproof but this one stood up to my floods of tears at my sons end of school service so that makes it Fab in my book!

Do you prefer natural or false lashes?

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