Tuesday, 5 August 2014


One thing I've noticed lately is that now the shops are stocking their autumn clothes there is a lot of leopard print popping up about the place.

Now usually when I think of leopard print I immediately think of Kat Slater and Beverley Callard (Liz Mcdonald in Corrie) and I get put off it straight away but after looking at some of the coming season pieces I think I may be a bit more inclined to try it....in small amounts at least anyway. I defiantly think that leopard print accessories are the way forward for me anyway.

Here's a few of my favourite pieces that I've spotted so far......

Leopard Print Fashion Ideas from UK Fitness and Lifestyle Blog The Claire Diaries

4 - DUNE 5 - NEW :LOOK 6- ASOS

What do you think of Leopard print and How will you be wearing it?

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