Thursday, 13 August 2015

What I Did In The Gym

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know that i've really been struggling to get myself motivated and to start smashing it in the gym again.
Therefore I have decided to keep a "diary" on my blog. This is partly so I can see what I'm doing and can keep an eye on my goals etc but this is also to keep me accountable.

Today I had a session with my personal trainer. We focused mainly on back and legs....there was also a small amount of HIIT in there......I hate cardio with a passion so I wasn't best pleased.

Back and Legs Gym session by UK Lifestyle Blogger The Claire Diaries

Exercise 1 - Deadlifts
4 x 45kg for 10 reps

Exercise 2 - Box Lunges Followed by Plyometric Squat Jumps
4 x 10kg (each hand) for 10 reps per leg
4 x 10 Squat Jumps using body weight

Exercise 3 - Assisted Pull Ups
4 x 54kg for 10 reps

Exercise 4 - Seated Cable Row
4 x 30kg for 10 reps

Exercise 5 - Reverse Fly
4 x 5kg for 10 reps

Exercise 6 - Upright Row
4 x 7kg for 10 reps

Exercise 7 - Side Raise
4 x 4kg for 10 reps


2 min warm up walk
1 min jog
30 sec sprint
1 min recovery
1 min jog
30 sec sprint
1 min recovery
2 min jog/run

I'm not sure when I'm next getting to the gym but will keep updating - even if it is just on the bottom of another post.
I'd love to know if you have any other back exercises that you recommend?

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