Monday, 3 August 2015

All About The Weekend!

Weekends are always a bit challenging in my household. Not only have I got two kids at two very different stages I also have to factor in all the activities the kids want to do.
Saturdays are usually spent acting as a taxi and ferrying one or the other around whilst trying to feed and entertain the other.


Films to see this summer Home

This weekend was a little bit different.
Usually O goes cycling on a Saturday morning and me and D are left to find something to do for 2-3 hours before we pick him up. This week however cycling was cancelled so I took the opportunity to take the kids to the Saturday morning kids club at the Odeon!

Films tend to start at 10am and with tickets only costing £2.50 each I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss.
The Odeon in Lincoln only shows one film for the kids club and this week they were showing Home. Neither of the kids had seen it and both really enjoyed it. I do usually find it hard to find a film they can both watch and enjoy due to the large age gap between them.

Rednil Farm Riding School Lincoln

Saturday afternoon saw the usual routine of D at horse riding!

Saturday evening was different this week. We were invited to a friends field party. I forgot my camera and therefore forgot to take any photos but it was fab. The kids played on the bouncy castle and water slide whilst we ate BBQ food and drank champagne.....very civilised.......I might have managed to nip out for a sneaky cocktail or two as well......

Sunday morning started as a lazy morning with teacakes and lots of tea!

visiting belton house in lincoln. UK Lifestyle Blogger The Claire Diary

We decided after lunch we'd head to Belton House for a coffee and a play.
Despite the moaning it was a really lovely afternoon.

visiting belton house - UK Lifestyle Blogger The Claire Diary

visiting Belton House - UK parenting and lifestyle blogger

visiting belton house lincolnshire by UK lifestyle and parenting blogger

Whilst it may not be very exciting I think I like documenting the weekends. I might carry on with it. Lazy weekends and time spent together is what I want to remember of the kids growing up!

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