Tuesday, 18 August 2015

All About The Weekend #2

Girls Night in Skegness by UK lifestyle blogger The Claire Diary

This weekend was a little different for me.
O went away for the weekend with his dad climbing in the Lake District so it was just me and the Little Miss!
I've never been in this situation before and its not often that D and I get to spend time together without having to dash off and pick O up.

Saturday started with a gorgeous lie in and a lot of time spent on the sofa re watching Pretty Little Liars! We've started again from season 1... purely because after seeing the finale I wanted to pick holes in the plot!

We then went horse riding in the afternoon followed by a girlie trip to the beach with some of my friends!

a girls trip to skegness by UK lifestyle blog - The claire diary

girls night out in skegness by UK lifestyle blog The Claire Diary

We had a great evening eating chips, ice cream and waffles and going on all the rides at the amusements,
I'm not usually a big fan of Skegness but it was fun as a little treat for D.

On Sunday we went up to Filey to get our boy back!
We spent the afternoon on the beach hunting for fossils and playing in the sea.

what to do in Filey by UK lifestyle blog  - The claire Diaries

It was great as the kids had obviously missed each other and actually got on with each other for the whole day! It was lovely to see them playing together and actually being friends!

things to do on filey beach by UK lifestyle blog - The claire Diaries

Things to do at Filey by UK Lifestyle Blog The Claire Diaries

Next weekend I plan on relaxing! School starts again soon and I don't feel like we've stopped since they broke up yet!

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