Saturday, 15 August 2015

Preserving Memories

Printing digital photos UK lifestyle Blog -The Claire Diaries

Since I had the kids we've been taking photos of them almost daily. I love documenting them growing up and seeing how much they've changed. It's also nice to look back on days out and remember the good times we've spent with them.

I have loads of files on my laptop just full of digital family photos, and other than print and frame the odd few I've never done anything with them.

Printing Digital Photos By The Claire Diaries

A couple of weeks ago I was trawling the internet and saw that Photobox had an offer on printed photobooks.
I've been thinking about buying some coffee table books for a while now but never gotten round to it and thought this would be a nice addition when I finally do get round to buying some.

So I spent some time sorting out my photos - trying to get an even number of each child included in the book - No need to cause more arguments, and set about uploading them. 
This was a fairly easy and painless process. The difficulty came in deciding which picture should go where.

I was fairly sure it would take a while for the book to be delivered, there was a lot of pages (100+ I think) to print but it arrived pretty quickly - within about 4 days I think.

Presenting Digital Photos by UK Lifestyle Blog The Claire Diaries

The quality of the pages is lovely! Some of the prints have come out a little bit blurry but you can only really tell if you look super closely. Baring in mind these books aren't really meant to be studied too hard you really wouldn't know.

Overall I am so happy with the quality and the service provided by Photobox. I'm hoping the book survives sticky fingers and becomes a piece of family history that the kids will one day look at and remember the good times.

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