Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bake Off is Back

The Great British Bake Off Party by UK Lifestyle Blog The claire diaries

I'm a little late with this post this year but THE BAKE OFF IS BACK and I for one am so bloody happy!

I blogged about my love for the Bake Off Last year and I can safely say I'm no nearer learning to bake than I was then. Admittedly eating and baking cakes isn't good for my on again off again sugar free diet.

Over the course of this year I've made some really amazing friends! One of whom can bake!!!! Pretty sure she is the only person I know that can! Anyway. It was decided that every week the bake off is on we would have a little tea party at my friends house complete with vintage china and cake!
It has been lovely so far this year.

Made even better by the fact that there is no alcohol involved and Little Miss D gets to come with me every week!

At the moment I'm feeling really grateful for having such amazing people in my life - and amazing Cake!

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