Monday, 7 July 2014

Round Up

Whew what a weekend! It has been the most amazing weekend and I'm so sad it's over!

Diet and exercise went totally out of the window....but none of that matters because we went to the TOUR DE FRANCE in Yorkshire! It was amazing...............

UK Lifestyle and Fitness Blogger visits The Tour De France

Yep that's the Yellow Jersey right there!


The rest of the week prior to the weekend had been a rip roaring success...well for me anyway. My diet has largely been clean - I've eaten a tonne of chicken and drank so much water that I feel like I'm drowning! I've also done the first proper week on my new weights gym plan. 

Monday is now LEG DAY - Yes it hurts, Yes it's hard but it is now by far my favourite day of the week.....Hamstrings and Quads get a total hammering.I also do my abs on a monday. To be honest doing abs seems a bit of a waste of time being as there is still so much fat sitting around my stomach but it's on the plan so I'll do as I'm told.

Tuesday is BACK AND BICEPS - My least favourite day.....No idea why but I really really dislike working my biceps and it seems to be taking a long long time for me to see any results on my back.


Thursday is REST DAY

Friday is PT day

SATURDAY is family SPIN day! My son is now 11 and is now old enough to go to a spin class with me. He loves it and he certainly works harder than a lot of the adults in the class!

Sunday is REST DAY.

This coming Saturday we are going to a wine tasting event. I've got my outfit....(European Fancy Dress) so I'll write a post about that later in the week :-)

For now here's a couple more photo's from yesterdays tour!

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