Wednesday, 16 July 2014

European Night

Crikey I am really rubbish at the minute.....I've been working on a few things and all will be revealed soon!
Anyway I promised a post about the Euro night we went to so here it is!

I've been working out hard lately as I was desperate to wear a dress! I bought a dress I absolutley loved - and the fact that is was a bargin from Dorothy Perkins made me love it even more! I was desperate to show how hard I've been working.....That was the idea anyway!!
Instead I got there wearing my dress and immediatley felt fat and self concious. Now I know I still have a long long way to go but looking how far I've come by now I really should be feeling better about myself.....seemingly not! I worry more now about what I look like than I did before I started losing weight. I guess I'm just more conscious of it.
So the night consisted of me asking my husband multiple times a second whether my hair was ok, whether I looked fat etc. It also meant that I missed a big portion of the night as I was worrying A LOT.........

However despite this a fab time was had by all! We drank lots and ate lots - far too much...After not eating bread for nearly 6 months I suddenly consumed a lot of French Bread and by 10pm was feeling huge and bloated. This did nothing to help with my self conscious worrying!

Anyway here is a few pictures from the night......

Despite not drinking a massive amount my head was rather sore the next day so we headed to the seaside for a bit of chill out time. The only problem was it rained most of the time we were there but never the less we had a great family afternoon out.

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