Monday, 2 June 2014


This is the second new weekly feature I am going to be doing on this blog. Like I said the other day I need somewhere where I have to be accountable, so by telling you all my weekly weigh in results I'm hoping that will be enough to keep me on track.
I've only got just less than 5 months to go until the big 3-0 and less than five months until I've been doing this for a year! I need a big final push so starting again NOW!

This weeks weigh in.......
After having had a whole week off and eating really really disgustingly crap food I was 100% sure that I would have put on weight, but luckily for me I somehow managed to still lose 2lb!!!!!

Starting Weight: 259lb
Weight Now: 205lb

6lb to go and then I am finally under the 200lb mark..........I'm going in hard this week starting with my first ever circuits class today so hoping by Friday I might be even closer to being out of the 200's????

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