Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Start a New Habit!

UK fitness weightloss and lifestyle blog - Creating a new habit

One problem I'm having real problems with is making this clean eating lark a "habit". At the minute it's still really hard work for me and I have to really think about what I'm eating and when I'm eating it.
I have however realised in the last month or so that making it a habit is perhaps going to be harder than I thought - I guess I just wanted it to happen naturally and easily! One major thing I've learnt from my weight loss journey is that nothing is easy!

So how do you create a new habit?

The hardest thing I've found about creating a new habit is not working out how to make it stick it's shedding the guilt associated with failing.
So forget the times you've failed and move forward......keep persevering in a years time you'll wonder why it was so difficult!

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