Friday, 6 June 2014

Pass The Foam Roller

Oh lordy lord. This week has been a bit of a funny one! 
I had planned to hit the gym hard and that is exactly what I did. After slacking off a bit last week I was seriously lacking in motivation and enthusiasm, but I seem to be coming round again.
I've cleaned up my diet a lot - compared to what it has been and picked up the cardio again for a bit!

So this week.......

This weeks weight loss and fitness programme from The Claire Diaries

MONDAY - In preparation for my Race for Life on Sunday I decided it was about time I put in some effort on the treadmill. So I put my trainers on and headed to the gym. Fourty minutes later I'd done 4k with a mixture of running and walking.....I'm hoping I can do this a bit quicker on the actual day. I did get interupted a few times and ended up chatting whilst walking. I'm actually glad I did as otherwise I think it would have dragged.

After my slightly ambitious 4K I went to my very first circuits class! Again I totally loved it - I'm 100% a class kinda girl. I'll be doing a circuits review in a few weeks when I've been to a couple more classes.

TUESDAY - So today I thought I would hit the treadmill again and try do another 4K. I think I had underestimated how sore and tired my legs were. I only managed 3K on the treadmill and then a further 1K on the cross trainer. Then it was Abs time and boy did I smash them hard......My abs and waist are really my new focus.

WEDNESDAY - So I had my PT session today. There isn't much to report from it if I'm honest....It was a good session but much the same as I've been doing for the last few weeks.


FRIDAY - Today I'm heading to the gym for a quick hour before I head to the kids sports day #noexcuses.

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