Friday, 13 June 2014


OH MY DAYS............I'll get to this!
This week was kind of a non starter for me again. I'd lost all motivation and knew I had a lot of running around after the kids to do so couldn't really bring myself to use vital energy at the gym! I did however go 3 times this week and am hitting spin class again in the morning so I've not totally slacked off!

So here's my round up:

Monday - I hit it hard! I did my full weights and cardio routine and loved every single second of it! Then I weighed myself saw that I hadn't lost any weight and became rather dispondant.

Tuesday - NO GYM

Wednesday - Super quick hour session focusing more on ABS

Thursday - NO GYM

Friday - PT session and the reason for the "oh my days" she hit me HARD!!!! Killer hamstring and butt workout that was amazing and has totally given me all my motivation back!!!! Did back and shoulders too which at the time didn't feel that awesome but is now starting to hurt 2-3 hours after the event!

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