Monday, 1 September 2014

10 Things About Me

I've not been blogging for all that long so it strikes me that many of you won't know all that much about me!
So here are 10 things you didn't know.........

UK Lifestyle and Fitness Blogger

1) I'm originally a Yorkshire girl! Always will be at heart! Whilst I love living in Lincoln going back to Yorkshire always makes me feel a little bit happier

2) I suffer really badly with panic attacks and anxiety. This isn't something I'm proud of or like to talk about too much really - maybe one day.

3) I would love love love to own my own pretty traditional sweet shop.

4) I met my husband when I was 17

5) I had my son when I was 18!

6) I don't regret many things but I do regret letting myself put on so much weight and not taking proper care of myself.

7) I wish I'd gotten over worrying about what people think of me sooner and hit the gym harder when I was younger! The weight might have come off easier then!

8) I have three cats, Samba, Farrow and Fang. I'm still not sure if I'm a cat person but I prefer it when they are around.

9) I've only learnt to LOVE shopping within the last couple of months. I've spent 99% of my adult life hating shops - to be honest not sure if it's the shops or the way I felt when I couldn't fit in anything that I hated?

10) .....and FINALLY.......I am a HUGE Strictly Come Dancing Fan and am quite literally counting the days to when it will be back on!

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